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e store.name : {{ store.name }}
e products : {{ products }}


c store.name : Sandbox Store
c products : <MultilingualProductQuerySet [<Product: Skin Care Cream>, <Product: Digital product standalone>, <Product: 3DS2-Gateway-specific-3004>, <Product: HydroPerfect Bundle AvaTax>, <Product: Test>, <Product: Taxjar Digital>, <Product: Testing Order>, <Product: digital-product-test>, <Product: Test Bug>, <Product: HydroPerfect Bundle AvaTax>, <Product: Product 3DS fallback>, <Product: Product From API>, <Product: Skin Care VIP>, <Product: Drone>, <Product: Extra Propeller Blades Set>, <Product: Test New Product>, <Product: Test Shiphero Product>, <Product: Shipstation Product>, <Product: Mentor to Millions e-book>, <Product: Multiple variants with one image>, '...(remaining elements truncated)...']>